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医学博士,O.M.D.,哲学博士,F.A.A.F.P., 外科硕士
The 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine
经 验 交 流
Exchange experience
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摘要 一名出色的针灸医师不仅应拥有良好的哲学和理论背景,更重要的是具备基本的临床技能.对待病
An excellent medical acupuncturist should not only have a good philosophical and theoretical background, but
also have the necessary clinical skills. The practitioner should also have good purified energy and a compassionate
attitude towards his or her patients. It is vitally important for the practitioner to be not only good at treating
patients, but also be a healer. In order to become a healer the practitioner should have an abundance of positive
Qi and the ability not only to purify the energy of himself or herself, but also the energy of patients. Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM) is focused on the balance and harmony of the body. Therefore healing will take place
when there is inner peace and unblocked Qi, or energy. Healing involves exchanging the negative, suffering
energy into positive, healing energy, then giving it back to the patient, through his or her body. This practice
enhances healing by “recycling” energy from negative to positive, by seeing, touching, and feeling.
Practitioners should practice medical Qi Gong regularly, purify their own negative energy, keep body, mind,
and spirit in alignment, and learn to recycle energy without injury to himself or herself. To do so, practitioners
have to constantly harmonize and balance their body systems. Compassion and good intentions play a very
important role in this recycling state of healing. Without compassion, treatment is a technical enterprise. More
than treat patients, practitioners should always practice to heal. The medical acupuncturist should be always a
Healing is much more than a sum of its parts.Healing is both an art and a science. Health professionals need to
understand and apply art and science for healing to be the best possible. In the absence of attention to healing, we
easily drift towards mythical average patients with little room for individual variations. The wholeness of patients
tends to get lost.Having health care professionals or residents and students be exposed to positive influences may
help them be more genuinely receptive to the experiences, paths, and suffering of patients.Working towards an
authentic art of healing requires that guiding philosophies are deeper and more sophisticated, beyond a
logically connected statistical analysis. Self-awareness, honesty, and emotional intelligence will certainly
contribute to people becoming better at the art of healing. Healing art is a spiritual path, a transformational
process, and a way of being.Storytelling, poetry, music, dance, visual arts, painting, sculpture,
drumming, singing, chanting, mudra, mantra, any creative endeavour, can inform a healing practice.
The creative process of art can be used to heal oneself, others, and the earth itself. Arts can improve health,
attitude, and give a sense of wellbeing when one is immersed in this creative activity. At the same time, healing
can lack scientific rigour and objectivity, and should be informed by scientific learning and rational medical
Dr. Leo Galland stated, "Ancestral and modern alternative health systems, however much they differ in
the details, all equate illness with imbalance or disharmony. The healer's job is to understand the
imbalances that underlie illness in each patient and help restore harmony. Disease entities are not the
primary focus, and their treatment usually depends upon the healing of the patient,". Many traditional
healing practices embrace the dichotomy of arts and science in this way. Buddhist cultures teach inner
peace, the inner smile, and to keep the body in a good healing state. Buddhist teachings encourage
individuals not to get angry or have pent up anger and to give blessings to others. In Native cultures there
is an emphasis on having an enlightened understanding of nature. Native culture also places great emphasis
The 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine
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经 验 交 流
Exchange experience
on the spiritual part of being a human being. These cultures usually use natural products like trees and
plants to take away suffering and negative emotions. For instance, the sweat lodge is commonly in use to
take away negative emotions, and vision quests are often used to aid in mental stability. Indeed, many
holistic health care systems provide the insight that because something is hard to measure does not mean it
should not or cannot be measured.
The different meanings that define western and traditional forms of medicine dissolve in the context of
healing for our dear patients. Movement increases muscle tone and circulation in Western biomedicine,
whereas movement of Qi (energy) and unblocking of Qi is part of TCM. Therefore things like yoga, tai chi
chuan, and qi gong offer movement and other exercises that assist in patient healing according to either
program of treatment. Yet, in the TCM context, the finer aspects of how the healing is not only physical,
but also mental and spiritual in nature, are extensively defined. Yet, in a biomedical context, mental and
spiritual complications are explained in physical terms. When the body lacks movement it tends to become
stiff, tendons will become tight, and even more prone to injury. Swelling and pain will worsen. In this
context, regular exercises and stretching are essential, and so in TCM as well.
A more extensive examination of the mental and spiritual activities of healing is the practice of recycling
negative energy to positive energy in the TCM healing arts. Ventilation is the removal of negative energy by
using visualisation, breathing, concentration, creativity, or phonation.Every negative emotion in our
bodies needs to be ventilated out. The practitioner takes the negative pain from the patient, and ventilates
it to actively remove and release the cause of disorder. Without ventilation, healing processes are slowed
down. It is important not only to ventilate negativity, but also to purify negativity. Without purification,
it is difficult to do healing.
There are many ways of purification. Purification can proceed from the physical to spiritual, or from
mental to spiritual, or directly from spiritual to spiritual. To obtain purification, one must cultivate the
following objectives. First, to gain constant inner peace, second, to cultivate deep concentration, third,
to open up the whole autonomic nervous system, such as the six senses, is important. Also, complete
relaxation, revitalization, and rejuvenation are required. We should also have to learn to live with our
environments. From the physical to the spiritual, we should have a constant inner smile, hug trees, give
blessing to the universe, and learn how to appreciate nature. Diet, fasting and vegetarianism are
important aspects of our physical practice which affects our spiritual purification. Silence is also important
to purification. When you are silent, you avoid emotional pollution. Practicing meditation helps to open up
all of the senses. There is a technique of enhancing purification from the physical to spiritual by using Qi
Gong meditation techniques to energize the body from the crown chakras to the tail chakras. Another
spiritual opening is from the chest chakras to the back chakras. We can also use anterior upper circles,
heart meridians, and kidney meridians to enhance the spiritual through the physical. As for mental to
spiritual, we should eliminate mental stress. It is important to expel emotional pollution and keep the mind
in constant harmony. The best technique to cleanse the mind is to visualize blue colours during inspiration,
which heal the body, and white colours during expiration, which cleanse the body of mental disharmony.
As for spiritual purification, we should eliminate spiritual pollution. It is important to use the chakra
system with the opening up of the six senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and
intuition. So doing, the spirit is empowered.
It is very important to be a healer as a health professional, rather than a mere technician. But, in order
to become a healer, one has to understand about how to energize and purify energy. The most important
thing is to understand how to recycle energy from negative to positive, so that you achieve the level of a
healer. Healers recycle by constantly purifying their own Qi, and, at the same time, purifying the
patients’ Qi. There are five ways of recycling energy. Recycling touch is the first way. Negativities of the
patients’ Qi are taken up in the healers right hand, and transported to the solar plexus, the Dantian,
where it is converted and transformed into positive Qi. It then returns to the healer’s left hand, and is
transmitted as healing energy to the patient. Healing without touching is the second way. The same
sequence is followed, so that negative energy is taken up with the right hand, without touching the
patient, transported to and transformed in the solar plexus, and transmitted as positive healing energy to
The 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine
经 验 交 流
Exchange experience
the patient through the healer’s left hand. Recycling through the nose is the third way. With the solar
plexus as the site of transformation of energy, the right nostril takes in suffering and pain, and the left
nostril releases healing energy. Recycling through the eyes is the fourth way. The right eye absorbs the
patient’s negative energy, which travels to the solar plexus and is transformed, and the left eye looks
upon the patient and heals them. Finally, the most sophisticated and fastest recycling is from the third eye
chakra, known as Yin Tang. The third eye absorbs the negativity, transports it to the solar plexus, where
it is transformed, and then the third eye releases positive energy from the same place as it was absorbed.
Because health professionals recycle the negative energy to positive, they are healers.
A precaution when recycling energy must be heeded. The health professional must be healthy themselves,
or know how to heal themselves, before healing others. They must be careful not to absorb more than they
are able to recycle of pain and suffering. Health professionals must have prior knowledge of how to recycle
energy in the solar plexus, or Dantian. When they accumulate too much negative energy, they must
understand how to empty it. They must be able to expel the contaminated or negative energy completely,
and purify themselves. They must always maintain balance of body, mind and spirit. Healers must not
become “wounded healers”. A helpful tip for healing recycling is to be able to appreciate Mother Nature
and Father Heaven, to naturally promote healing for the health professional and their patients. Tree
hugging is an important practice to teach the healer how to transform negative to positive and cleanse the
body and chakra system of negativities. There are many ways of trees hugging, individually or with a
group. Tree hugging aligns the body, mind, and spirit. Nature holds all of the best wisdom, and
constantly helps us to achieve alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Another way of achieving alignment is
through self-cultivation, such as calligraphy. Calligraphy expresses feeling from the brain to the heart,
from the heart to the hand, from the hand to the brush, from the brush to the ink, and from the ink to
the paper. This dynamic of action is done in between the person, the brush, and the paper. Creativity is
reflected on the paper, which transmits healing energy to the person and environment that receive the
All of the approaches to healing involve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony and balance. One of the
important factors is learning to cultivate inner peacefulness and healing. In order to achieve this harmony and
balance one needs abundant positive energy. This energy should be purified. Then a patient would benefit fro
having negative energy being recycled into positive healing energy. The practitioner will help the patient heal,
and the patient will help themselves heal. The higher levels of healing take place just by the six senses of seeing,
hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and intuition, to constantly transmit positive healing energy. A healer
must be always stable, harmonized, well aligned, and well balanced.

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